Following a May 2018 jury verdict in the amount of one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) for the plaintiff we represented, the defendants, Arlington Dentistry by Design and Joseph A. Khalil, DDS, filed a petition for appeal with the Supreme Court of Virginia. We tried to engage in settlement negotiations while the case was on appeal, but the most that the defendants’ insurer, MedPro, was willing to offer was one hundred twenty five thousand dollars ($125,000), which was less than ten percent of the verdict amount. The defense lawyer told us that they were “very bullish” on their position for appeal and retrial. The defendants had previously admitted liability so even with a successful appeal their best-case outcome would be another trial on damages. Nevertheless, they were “not interested in paying anything near” the verdict amount. They decided to “simply take on the appeal,” hoping that they would end up with a retrial and a much lower verdict in a second trial. Because their appeal was denied, however, the jury’s verdict from the original trial stands and they have now paid the full $1,500,000 amount of the verdict plus costs and statutory interest.

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