Many injuries occur on corporate property. If you are injured in an accident on corporate property you may have a premises liability case. In such a case it is important to quickly identify the potential defendants and put them on notice of your injury. Our lawyers will draft and send a preservation of the evidence letter on your behalf to protect all evidence in the hands of the company, such as video, incident reports and photographs of the scene. These corporations usually have in house counsel and an abundance of financial resources compared to individuals. Please try to level the playing field as soon as possible and schedule a meeting with us if you have sustained any of the following injuries.

• Brain injuries • Wrongful death
• Catastrophic injuries • Construction site accidents
• Drowning injuries • Elevator accidents
• Escalator accidents • Dog attacks/bites
• Playground accidents • Slip and fall accidents
• Theme park accidents • Quadriplegia/Paraplegia

Premises liability cases can be complex. Proving negligence is not always easy, but our experienced personal injury attorneys can determine if you have a case and develop a strategy to help you attain a positive outcome.

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