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When I first contacted Michele about my dental malpractice woes, I felt hopeless; I had never been involved in a lawsuit, found the whole idea of one intimidating; couldn't come to grips with the damage that was done in my mouth and the extent of the needed repair work; and was afraid of lawyers. Michele completely turned my thinking around on all of these! She explained everything, from the filing to the resolution process. She studied my records thoroughly (and blew me away by reading my x-rays, herself), which eventually culminated in a tooth-by-tooth Powerpoint presentation. She was so invested in the case on MY behalf, not hers, that she gave me the sustained courage to go through the year-plus process. She showed me that a brilliant lawyer can be tough AND compassionate in equal measure. She crisscrossed the country twice in one week to attend to a death in her family in L.A. and depositions and mediation in my case in Washington. Who does that? Michele Bartoli Cain. No one has ever worked so hard on my behalf -- and every single one of her clients would say the same thing. She has an amazing staff; they're all as committed to the client as she is. And she engineered an excellent settlement in my case. Michele is the gold standard of representation, both professionally and personally. I went into my lawsuit feeling battered and came out feeling blessed. Thank you, Michele and everyone at Bartoli Cain Law.

-- P.J., Washington, D.C.

Michele, please relay to all your staff my sincere appreciation for the efforts of Bartoli Cain Law in my matter. I especially thank you for persevering so skillfully in such a long and arduous case (including an earthquake during a deposition). Through ups and downs, your strategy won the day.

-- S.C., Alexandria, VA

I am extremely grateful for Michele's effort and expertise, and her help in resolving my case. Michele and her team's work and dedication were impressive throughout. Time and time again I was amazed at the depth of Michele's medical and dental knowledge. It was far greater than most dental professionals I have seen. Michele conveyed a uniquely aggressive yet understanding approach, so that I felt comfortable with my decisions at each step of the process. She also gave many great suggestions, including her choice of a wonderful mediator.
The attention to every detail in my case made the world of a difference, and I felt that Michele and her team cared about me and the incredibly traumatic experience I had been through. I highly recommend Bartoli Cain Law to anyone seeking a caring and superbly qualified firm.

-- R.L., Reston, VA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your expert handling of [my matter.]  I was so very proud of your knowledge and that you were representing me.  It was a wonderful feeling.

-- D.N., Alexandria, VA

Michele was absolutely committed 110 percent. She was never out of touch with me, she kept me informed at all times and only had my best interest at heart. [Her staff] made me feel at ease, they made me feel understood, and they made me feel taken care of. If anyone has the need for Michele's expertise I would recommend her 100 percent.

-- M.S., Arlington, VA

Michele was a true counselor working on the case, I felt confident in talking to her. Michele was very forthcoming. She gave me all the possibilities and alternatives with full disclosure. She did not hold anything back. She put everything on the table so I felt confident going in that I had the best information.  I thought that I had her support and that was important.  She performed as someone working not for me but with me.

-- A.H., Bethesda, MD

I have felt such a sense of calm and relief having this [matter] settled in such a satisfactory manner. Since the time we first met with you, we had a good feeling that things were going to turn out well. Of course, we knew nothing was guaranteed, but from the start we felt like we were in the right place, the right hands. Your experience, thoroughness, professionalism and kindness gave us a lot of hope throughout. I always felt respected by you and your staff. And your determination to get me the best settlement possible was evident, right to the end. I can't thank you enough. It was a pleasure to work with you.

-- E.L., Washington DC

I really appreciate all the work that you put into my case.  You are an amazing lawyer and I feel fortunate that I was steered your way.

-- J.G., Richmond, VA


I want to take the time to advise anyone who has ever dealt with a law firm, that Bartoli-Cain Law was to me the most aggressive and perfect firm regarding my case.
The knowledge of the dental procedures performed on me was unbelievable . Michele was prepared for any question or problem that was handed her.  She was at all times prepared for any situation that might arrive.
They were not only knowledgeable with the subject but treated me like a person and were always very sensitive to any problem that confronted me during the long process to the settlement.  The kindness and professionalism given to me by Michele and Sebastian was a great comfort during a very stressful experience.  I would recommend the firm of Bartoli-Cain Law to anyone who is seeking the "Best.".

I want to take the time to advise anyone who has ever dealt with a law firm that Bartoli-Cain Law was to me the most aggressive and perfect firm regarding my case.  The knowledge of the dental procedures performed on me was unbelievable. Michele was prepared for any question or problem that was handed her.  She was at all times prepared for any situation that might arrive.

They were not only knowledgeable with the subject but treated me like a person and were always very sensitive to any problem that confronted me during the long process to the settlement.  The kindness and professionalism given to me was a great comfort during a very stressful experience.  I would recommend the firm of Bartoli Cain Law to anyone who is seeking the "Best."

-- D.N., Alexandria, VA


Michele really helped me get through some very tough times during my recovery period and during my dental malpractice case. She is filled with so much knowledge that I felt very confident in her ability and her desire to win my case. She really cared about me and what I had been through and she was as determined to help me as she would be if I were her own daughter.  Everyone in her office was always very nice and on many occasions went out of their way to be helpful. I could always rely on hearing a friendly voice when I called anyone in her office for any reason. I really appreciate all the hard work Michele put into my case and I plan to stay in touch with her and her staff for the rest of my life because they really made me feel like a part of their family.

-- J.S., Front Royal, VA

She was relentless in her pursuit to resolve my case. She not only made me feel the most comfortable, she seemed to be the most qualified, and she actually seemed to care. She and her team went above and beyond to meet my needs. I interviewed multiple lawyers before deciding on Michele and most lawyers said my case was too small and they did not want to take it because the payout to them would not justify their time. My case lasted 2-3 years and I am positive I could not have found a more caring or competent advocate working for me. She laid out the process before we began, explaining the costs and potential resolutions - both good and bad. As a victim dealing with an injury, it was easy to let emotion get the better of me, so part of her job was to adjust my unrealistic expectations for a suitable punishment to the defendant and an award to me, but all the while she was fighting relentlessly to try to meet my expectations. Michele is honest, straightforward, smart, caring and one of the best advocates anyone could ever want. She never wavered in the 3 years our case was ongoing. She is one of the most talented advocates in her profession, and although I hope I don't have to use her again, if I do, she is my first choice.

-- R.E., Washington, D.C.

It was my first experience with the legal system and Michele was really great at calming my anxieties and explaining things every step of the way to a successful resolution.

-- S.P., Washington, D.C.

I'm so appreciative of your wise counsel and expertise. More importantly, your friendship and your constant support for the past fifteen years has been above and beyond. There are few people of your excellence and stature - it's an honor to know you and your lovely family.

-- L.H., Alexandria, VA

I cannot express enough my gratitude for your thoughtful and diligent pursuit of [my case]. I interviewed four lawyers before getting to you, but as soon as we met, and you agreed, I knew I had found my attorney, and you certainly did not dissappoint. What seemed like a simple case sure turned very detailed and complex with all the various dentists, depositions, and experts. You did an amazing job of directing, controlling, and managing this case and more importantly me!

You handled all the many facets of my case with incredible organization and detail (usually knowing more than me), but more importantly with a lot of caring and concern. For that, I thank you. You are an extremely strong advocate, that I would always want on my side and would recommend to anyone.

-- R.E., Washington, D.C.

"Thank you" just isn't enough! You're the best!

-- G.R.,  Washington, D.C.

Many thanks to Michele Bartoli Cain for impeccably managing and delivering my case.  She was extremely thorough from beginning to end.  It was a pleasure working with Michele and her staff and I never felt out of the loop.  I highly recommend Michele and her firm.

-- P.M., Washington, D.C.

Service to the Profession

Thank you again for a fabulous presentation. The members of the Northern Virginia Orthodontic Study Club continue to praise your insightful seminar. Your good will was a gift to our community.

-- Dr. H.M.H.,  Alexandria, VA

I am a General Dentist and have had the opportunity of attending a lecture at the National Capital Dental Meeting  given by Attorney Bartoli Cain on Dental Malpractice.  She provided valuable insight about prevention of patient/dentist conflict.  Her ”down to earth”  description of  how cases occur was helpful to me.


-- Jayne Keller, DMD


Thank you so much for the internship this summer. Not only did you share so much of your career, but so much of yourself. I admire the work you do and the care you show for humanity. Your work is truly heroic! Thanks for showing me how being a lawyer can potentially mean being a better person. I cannot imagine another internship being as revealing about real life as the one you offered to me. Thanks for your time, patience, and care!

-- K.M.,  Roanoke, VA


Michele is a conscientious and considerate employer. She is completely dedicated to her job and to her clients, and is an excellent teacher and mentor. I would give her my highest recommendation to anyone seeking legal services or employment.

I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to intern for Michele during the summer of 2008. Michele took a personal interest in teaching and mentoring me, giving me a wide variety of tasks that taught me different aspects of an attorney’s work. She took the time to explain not only what she was doing, but why it was important. The short summer I spent working for her taught me more than years in a classroom could have, because I was able to both observe her work and directly assist her with cases. During my time at Bartoli Cain Law I did not feel like a lowly intern, I felt as though I was an integral member of the team. Michele is an excellent role model, and holds herself to the highest standard of integrity. Through her I was able to see first hand how an ethical attorney conducts herself. The lessons I learned from Michele are invaluable to me as I begin my career as a law student, and then an attorney. I feel confident knowing that I am able to come to her for any questions or advice I may need.

-- S.K.,  Newport News, VA

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